The Realist’s Guide To Hair Growth


It seems that every time I go on Pinterest these days, I run into a new pin that has however many tips for growing out your hair.  Lauren Conrad’s blog has ’em, BeautyBets has them, I’m pretty sure Maskcara has hers, and seemingly hundreds of other bloggers have their own ideas about supplements, treatments, and products that will magically cause your hair to grown by a foot within less than a year.  So why not unnecessarily add to the pile?!  Well, here’s a difference for you- Consider this the realist’s guide to growing out your hair, because over the years I’ve found that there really isn’t that much truly aides in hair growth other than a whole … lot … of patience.


Because this is what you had in mind, right?

1.  You need to consider your decision to commit.  Now, this may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s a…

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It seems like all I ever do is wait.

For a better job, better friends. . . a better life. I’m waiting for life to catch up with me, when in reality I’m the one who needs to catch up with life. I don’t want to watch the days pass me by anymore. I crave productivity, and I ache for change. What makes change happen? What happens when things are beyond your control and all you can do is wait? I mean, everything happens for a reason right? I’m not sure if I believe that anymore. Lately, it feels like the stars are falling wherever they damn well please.

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